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  1. Tiling
    Whether it is a new kitchen backsplash or a new luxurious shower, Custom Home Interiors will make your project look fantastic! Tiling is our expertise!
  2. Drilling
    If your "honey" needs help finishing (or starting!) that "Honey-do" list, Custom Home Interiors is who you need to call!
  3. Flooring
    Looking to update worn out carpet? How about some hardwood or laminate to make your home look outstanding!
  4. Home Maintenance
    No project is too small for Custom Home Interiors, we specialize in a wide variety of handyman services!
  5. Building
    Looking to add a back porch or finally ready to start that addition? Give Custom Home Interiors a call!
  6. Outdoor Services
    Do you need scraps hauled? How about laying a new retention wall in the garden? Give us a call!